Heart to Heart Healing

Try this energy healing technique with someone you love and within weeks (maybe even days), you will feel a "change of heart". Your heart will begin to heal and...miraculously...theirs will too, without even knowing it.

What's in this workshop?

A few years ago, my relationship with a family member was really struggling. We had a "history" but I thought we had made some significant progress. I thought we were healing. I was healing, I was making efforts to be kind and to connect, but it felt like she was pulling further and further away, experiencing feelings of anger, disinterest, and resentment. She wasn't reaching out or making efforts and any time I reached out to her, her response was cold and abrupt. There are always two sides to every story but that is my version. True or false, I was not feeling the love and she clearly wasn't either.

I went to my energy coach to talk through the situation and this is when she taught me about one of my now most favorite concepts in energy coaching! She taught me about an ancient Hawaiian ritual called ho'oponopono, otherwise known as, "spirit to spirit communication". I call it "Heart to Heart Healing" because... I can pronounce it AND I think it's easier for my clients to embrace. She taught me that our energy's are infinite and interconnected, in constant communication with everything and everyone around us-- especially with those in our physical or spiritual proximity (close friends, children, spouse, family members). Sometimes, when there is conflict, having verbal communication would be unproductive, unsafe, or unwelcome all together BUT if are intentional about who we are communicating to and what we are saying to them, in the energy of love, we can begin to open and soften our hearts. We can begin to find healing. Here are the 4 simple but powerful phrases she invited me to say, every day, with intention, directed toward my family member:

Every day, at least 3-4 times a day, for about a week, I would say to this person, from my heart, to her heart, I love you, I'm sorry. Thank you and please forgive me. Sometimes I would elaborate but mostly I would not.

About 2 weeks to the day, this person texted me out of the blue. No, the text wasn't an apology or any acknowledgement of an issue, it was a simple 1-2 liner telling me something funny that her son had said. Most notably, the ENERGY of the text was warm and comfortable. We ended up having a verbal "hash-out" a few months later, for a minute it started to get intense but ultimately, we walked out of the room, arm in arm.

Now any time I'm feeling a heaviness between the two of us, I go back to those affirmations for a few days and I think our relationship is better than ever.

Something I feel it is important to mention: This technique does not override the other personal agency. This CANNOT cross physical or energetic boundaries if the other person does not, on some level, accept it first. No different than offering someone advice, you are simply offering them love. They don't have to accept it. But unlike our brain, our spirit isn't encumbered by our ego, are pride, or our woundedness.

For more on this idea of healing with the energy of love, listen to episode: "The Healing Chemistry of Connection" of June Edition.

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