How to Sleep in Peace

Is your sleep restless? Are your dreams stressful? Do you wake up feeling less rested than when you fell asleep? Try saying this prayer mantra before bedtime.

What's in this workshop?

Are you constantly forgetting something, running from something or looking for something in your dreams? Are you consistently confused, upset, angry, or anxious? If so, I know how you feel! There was a time in my life when I wasn't particularly stressed but my sleep was stress-fIlled! I would wake up feeling tense and unsettled almost every morning. I got the idea reading a blog post (I wish i remembered which one), to say a "prayer mantra" before going to sleep to invite a more calming, healing energy into dreamtime. I wrote a version that resonated with me and the very FIRST night I tried it, I woke up in peace. Please use my mantra (below) as a guide but make changes that feel good to YOU.

Troop Tip: To enhance the experience apply 2-3 drops of Lavender or Wild Orange essential oil to you neck and jaw line, 1 drop Frankincense to your 3rd eye (between your eyes), OR one drop Cedarwood to the bottom of each foot.


[Open prayer mantra] ,

Please be with me this night, as I sleep, and guide my soul to the highest levels of spiritual instruction and direction.

Please surround my body and spirit with healing angels that I might experience deep, natural, healing rest, that when I wake, I am fully restored, renewed and at ease.

I ask for assistance with [describe in detail any dillema you are facing or question you are asking]. Please make the resolution clear to my conscious, for the highest and greatest good for myself (and the others involved).

[Close prayer mantra]

Note: If you do not remember your dreams at all, it may be an indicator that you are not actually getting a deep, quality sleep. If that is the case, join our 1 week Natural Sleep Solutions work shop!

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