The Scheduled Sex Solution

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Schedule your sex. You heard us. Put sex on the calendar and grow closer as a couple.

What's in this workshop?

As much as we love our husbands, there are certain seasons in life when SEX seems like a...chore. Our days are full of work, errands, kids, laundry, stress, etc and at the end of the day (or beginning or middle), the thought of getting romantic can be somewhat overwhelming. Not to mention the times when you're dealing with major life stuff-- like a health crisis, starting a business, pre and post pregnancy, unemployment, grief, etc.

I first thought to schedule our sex in February of 2013, six months after my 4th child was born, on the tail end of 5 straight years of extreme stress and tragedy and I had just been diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue. The very last thing I wanted to do was, get romantic. So, I sat down and had a talk with my husband. I told him I knew he he had "needs" (they are real ladies and in my opinion, should be considered, even if YOU feel like CRAP) but that I was sick and exhausted and I didn't want to feel the pressure. I suggested we schedule one night a week to have sex, until my body healed. He was hesitant but he agreed (because I think he realized every Tuesday night was way better than...never:)).

I know it might seem robotic and rigid to some but what I discovered, was surprising and (sex) life changing. Here it is....When sex is on the schedule, it leaves the other days wide open for no-strings-attached love and affection. No dashed hopes and dreams. No mixed signals. No unmet expectations. I would even dare say, when my husband and I schedule sex, sex is BETTER (and we usually end up doing it more than what is on the schedule)!

Join this workshop to learn how to make this work + learn more tips and tools on how to make sex better for BOTH of you!


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