Good Mood Food

Duration: 3 weeks Total Points: 1745

Go on this 21 day food journal journey and discover the real connection between food and how you feel.

What's in this workshop?

You don't need a challenge to know that when you eat good, you feel good. And when you eat crappy, you feel crappy. But did you realize food choices can affect your mood up to 48 hours later? They can also affect almost all aspects of your mental and physical health.

Participating in this challenge will not only help you understand the connection between your food and your mood but by the end of this challenge, you will better understand your habits, patterns, intolerances and inhibitors. The first step before you commit to any meal plan, system, weight loss program, etc.

BONUS!! Join this challenge from Feb 22-28th and get the chance to ask our Troop wellness expert Jeannie G.

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