Chelsea Rippy, Energy and Wellness Coach

Chelsea's approach is an intuitive mix of muscle testing, energy clearing, emotion processing, and wellness coaching. She has BS in Health Science Education from BYU but didn't do anything in the health and wellness industry until her own personal health crisis back in 2013. The basis to her personal healing journey and her work with her clients, is bringing everything from the dark-- everything we have stuffed down, avoided, and distorted, into the LIGHT! Where there is light there is TRUTH. Where there is truth, there is HEALING.

What's in this workshop?

Hi! I recommends planning on 3 sessions to begin with (2-3 weeks apart) and then on an as needed basis. If you are not local, the sessions can be done over Facetime, Hangouts, or Google Due). To set up an appointment, click HERE!

Session options:

+ FREE 20 minute get-to-know you chat (over the phone, Facetime, Hangouts, or Google Due).

+ Mini-session (30 minutes): $40

+ Full- session (90 minutes): $90


"Chelsea! I'm still in awe of our session together. Your work is truly so special, intelligent, and so very powerful. I am so grateful for you and your healing service...I am definitely coming back for another session...hopefully my husband too. he he"-- S. N.

"As I was saying my prayers today and thanking the Lord for people like you who bless lives...I thought that I should let you know that a different boy woke up in my house today. His light is bright and back. Thank you for your willingness to share what you've learned with are spreading goodness! Nothing but love for you! "-- T. J.

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