Meditation Made Easy

Duration: 2 weeks Total Points: 385

A simple but significant ancient healing practice, for modern day women.

What's in this workshop?


+In your car waiting for carpool kids.

+In church.

+Doctors office, soccer game (people will just think you are sleeping;))

+In your bed, before bed in the evening or before you get out of bed in the a.m.

+On a chair, couch, yoga mat (whatever is comfortable).


Add essential oils to your practice for a beautiful mediation experience. Place one drop of Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Patchouli, or Sandalwood over your Third Eye Charka (between the eyes) to expand the energy and "quite the voices in your head" (if you do not have one of those oils, you can choose any oil that you enjoy).

+Turn up the corners of your mouth. Yes, wear a slight smile. You will feel the difference.

Meditation is one tool in your tool belt and should be used in tandem with many other holistic health products and practices. Meditation slows your heart and calms your mind, which fosters balance in your body. When your body is in balance, it can do what it is designed to do (you'll hear us say that A LOT): balance hormones, metabolize, process emotions, detox, heal.

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