7 Day Reset with Hormone Expert, Kristie Rosser

Duration: 1 weeks Total Points: 530

If you're ready to change habits, releasing old emotional patterns, de-stress your life and find balance in your mind and body, this is the perfect start.

What's in this workshop?

These next 7 days are so much more than just "resetting the system". It's an opportunity to try something new and start implementing self-care and holistic health habits into your long-term wellness routine. We've teamed up with Kristie Rosser, a brilliant Nurse Practitioner/Nutritionist/Detox Specialist/Holistic Health Coach/your new BFF, to guide you through this workshop with the tips and tools and you need to get all you can out of this reset.

Kristie is a hormone specialist and believes the keys to living a vibrant life are diet, water, sleep, hormone balance and emotion management. She uses "western" wellness practices but encourages her clients, if and when possible, to use natural solutions. She particularly love's essential oils as she has found they help relax the body, support hormone balance, improve digestion, alleviate stress, support the immune system, brighten the skin and release unwanted emotions. For optimal detoxification, integrating essential oils are powerful!


+ Implement oil pulling as a part of a weekly wellness routine

+ Discover the power of daily affirmations

+ Incorporate whole foods in delicious and easy ways (starting with 2 breakfast smoothie recipes from Kristie Rosser)

+ Use castor oil to detox your liver (and learn the importance of a happy liver!)

+ Make time for personal development, meditation, exercise, and sleep into your schedule (we promise it's possible!)

+ Use essential oils to aid physical detoxification and emotional clarity.

+ And all kinds of tips and tricks from our wellness expert!

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