Emotional Release After an Itovi Scan

Many of the issues in our body are rooted in unprocessed emotion. Learn 5 steps to processing the emotion(s) causing you dis-ease.

What's in this workshop?

"Essential oils assist individuals in taking an honest look within. They foster the right environment for healing but they will not do the work for us. In gardening, it is a common experience to pull the weeds while leaving the roots. This is particularly true for hard and rocky soils. To ensure we uproot the whole plant, we can add water to the soil, which allows the entire weed to be removed. Similarly, essential oils prepare our emotional soil so that weeds may be removed with greater ease. However, they do not do the weeding for us. If one neglects to do the work of pulling the weeds, they have simply watered the problem. On the other hand, those who combine essential oils with the emotional work, reap the fruit of their labor". --Emotions and Essential Oils


  1. Identify the Negative Emotion(s). Your scan most likely showed you 3-5 essential oils that would better bring your body into balance. After you have read the through the emotional components of each (you can get that info from your wellness advocate), identify 1 or 2 of the emotion(s) you would like to start processing and releasing, today. I.e. anger, worthlessness, alone, judged.
  2. Create an Affirmation. Once you have identified the emotion(s) you are ready to process, create an affirmation-replacing the negative emotion/belief with a positive statement, keeping it in the present tense (i.e I honor my body, I am peaceful, I am releasing control, I am valuabl).
  3. Prepare your oils. If you are working with more than one oil, you can apply the oils separate or make a blend. You can add more oils to the blend to make the smell more inviting to you (Wild Orange, Lavender or Peppermint are always yummy). Add approximately 5 drops of each oil to the 15 ml roller bottle (for a total of 20) and top off with fractionated coconut oil.
  4. Administer your Oils with intention and intuition. If you are applying the oils separately, put one drop of each, on each foot, morning and night, for 2 weeks. If you put them in a roller bottle, apply (we like to draw a heart shape) on each foot, morning and night. Also, diffuse 3-6 drops at night, and during the day, when possible. If you do not have a diffuser, roll onto your chest, behind your ears, under your nose, or drop on your pillow to receive the aromatic benefit of the oil(s). Every time you apply the oils, take a moment to repeat your positive affirmation(s) and take a few moments to FEEL the affirmation or positive emotion (this will magnify both the power of the oil and the intention). Recommended workshop: "5 Ways to Apply your Oils More Powerfully".
  5. Free-write. Every day, for 3 minutes, free-write in your journal or in a note on your phone. No editing. No filter. No judging. Write any insights or impressions you receive specific to the emotion(s) you are trying to process. I.e. How it makes you feel, how it impacts your relationships, what event, person, place or things trigger the emotion(s), the genesis of the emotion(s), why you want to release it, what you are learning from it, etc. Set a reminder on your phone, if you need to. IMPORTANT: Do not re-read what you have written. You are "getting it out", for good. Press DELETE when you're done.

ON THE LAST DAY: On the last day, write down any insights, improvements and "ah ha" moments (emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually). This you can keep and reread as needed.


+Be sure you are using only 100% Therapeutic Grade, pure essential oils. (Say not to cheap drugstore brands!)

+If you do not know the emotional elements of the oils, you can Google the information or you can find it in our favorite book, "Emotions and Essential OIls" found at www.enlightenhealing.com/deo

+This is an emotional detox but it may feel much like a physical detox in your body. It is not uncommon to feel a little worse (more tired, cranky, sad, etc) before you feel better. In fact, you may even experience an intense cathartic response.

Keep up the good work of well-being!



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