‚ÄčLive Well to Lead Well with Geralyn Power

If you starting your own at-home business in the health and wellness industry, this 35 minute masterclass with Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Geralyn Power is well worth the listen!

What's in this workshop?

During the masterclass I'll teach you how to intuitively see and feel into the highest possibility for your health in this lifetime, the connection between health consciousness and business success, and I'll help you identify the shadow version of yourself that may attempt to self-sabotage your progress.

I will also touch on how your action within this realm has a direct impact on the next generation and what your kids may need from you. If you believe you're here to model or teach health in any capacity, the masterclass concludes with an exercise to help you see exactly what you're meant to educate on.

Please print this handout before you begin: bit.ly/2za8ytK

Masterclass here: https://soundcloud.com/geralyn-power/live-well-to-...


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