Destress Before a Test

Pre-test, or pre-performance, stress is normal but nowadays it's becoming a true anxiety for many kids. Learn this "5 Senses" technique that my Pediatrician taught my 17 year old, to use just before a test, presentation, performance, and/or the big game!

What's in this workshop?

When we are stressed, the two sides of the brain disconnect. In other words, the left and right sides stop communicating to one another, so we struggle to access the information we have learned. The simple technique demonstrated in the video below, is designed to integrate the brain, by 1) crossing the center meridian with our body and 2) calming the brain by bringing our attention to things that have no association to the stress. This is something that your children can do, quietly and subtly, on their own, just before a test, a performance, a presentation, and/or the big game!


Before you get started (optional): Apply 1 drop of of your favorite calming essential in the palm of your hand, close your eyes, and deeply inhale for 30 seconds. For reinforcement, apply 1 more drop behind the ears or on the feet (if the kids don't want to smell like oils in public:)). Experiment until you find the one that works best for you. We recommend starting Wild Orange, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Lavender, or Frankincense or make your favorite blend!

Watch the video HERE.

1. Sit in a comfortable position with both feet on the ground, heels gently pressing downward, into the floor. Feeling the ground support you. Close your eyes if you would like.

2. Take 3 breaths, gently filling the belly.

3. Place your hands on opposite knees, gently tapping opposite hand and opposite foot, back and forth, 25 times.

4. Now, use your 5 SENSES to calm your body and brain:

Notice 5 different objects you can SEE. (i.e. a chair, a backpack, a pencil someone's shoes, etc)

Notice 4 things you can HEAR. (pencil sharpener, the light, the teacher talking, etc)

Notice 3 things you can SMELL. (pencil shavings, room freshener, oils on wrists, etc)

Notice 2 things you can TOUCH. (end of fingers, pants, etc)

Notice 1 thing you can TASTE. (gum, breath, lunch leftovers, etc)

5. You are now ready to perform to the best of your ability

Best of luck and be well,


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