5 Steps to Feel the "Shift" (for Teens)

When you're just feeling...bluh...this is a quick way to shift through the energy of an emotion.

What's in this workshop?

When you're feeling an emotion you no longer want to feel (and do you make sure you take some time to actually feel it), use this quick 5-step guide to "shift" out of that negative space into a much happier place!

Click here and follow the steps! If you have feelings of wanting to hurt yourself or others, please tell a friend, a sibling or parent, right away.


Sometimes when we are in the thick of a difficult experience or a heavy emotion, we move out of our logical brain and into our emotional brain, which means we often forget there are simple things that we can do to help us "shift" out of that space. We encourage you to create a list, on your phone, of all of the things that boosts your energy, lifts your spirits, make you smile, and/or raises your vibe! Everyone's list is different but here is our "shift" list to help you get started!



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