100+ Ways to Use the Essential, Essential Oils

You bought the family sized oil kit, now what?

What's in this workshop?

If we had a dollar for every time we have heard someone say, "I bought oils from a class I attended but I haven't really used them yet cause I don't know how", we could buy our own Lavender farm. We understand oils can be intimidating but there is really no way better way to get past that, than to use them...a lot.


1. Shove all of your (non-prescription) medications to the back of your cupboard and place your essential oils in front of them.

2. Print out this pdf with 100+ ways to use the essential, essential oils and tape it in on the inside of your cupboard door.

3. Use the oils you purchased 30 times in 30 days and email 5 of your favorite experiences to your Wellness Advocate (honor system:)), for a sweet little surprise.*

We promise, once you start using them, you will feel more and more comfortable using them with you and your family. Eventually it will become second nature. We aren't anti-medication but we sure are all about trying the natural, safe and inexpensive route first. You feel us?

We also recommend you buy this book. It's beautiful enough to leave out on your coffee table and it answers all of your oil questions. What does it do? What chemical compounds are in it? Do I have to dilute it? Can I ingest it? Is it safe for pregnancy, etc.

*This promotion is for new oil users only. Participating Wellness Advocates only.

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