You are most likely here because you know you are ready to heal but you're not exactly sure HOW to heal. You have tried traditional doctors, medicines, a few essential oils your neighbor gave you, and nothing seems to be working. We feel you. Or, you just intuitively know (yes, you are an intuitive) there is so much more to your health and life than what you can see, touch, and feel.

Troop is a community of passionate wellness-minded practitioners, trained and eager to help you find health and healing on every level-- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and financial. Here, you will be able to click through our cohort of holistic health practitioners, healers, coaches, mentors, educators, and therapists, that each bring their own unique story, experiences, knowledge, gifts, and modalities to their practice and to this space.


Your healing journey will likely require a layered approach. You'll be guided to work with a myriad of practitioners and explore a number of modalities. As you seek to understand your first (or next) step, all we ask is that you trust yourself. The "cards" on our site will help you get to know each member of Troop, they're experience, their education, their modalities, their approach. Who jumps out at you? Who is saying something that really resonates with you? Who feels like they have a similar energy to your energy? Who made your mind open or your heart expand? That's where you should start. Don't hesitate. You are here for a reason. Contact them to schedule an appointment or ask a question.

*In the near future, you will also be able to see reviews and ratings, participate in their on-line workshops.


In addition to our practitioner cohort, on Troop you will also find valuable, easy to understand content, articles, tutorials, workshops, and events all designed for you to educate yourself in the world of holistic health and alternative, natural, healing practices, at the pace and rate in which you are comfortable. Ultimately, we will also offer trainings and certifications for YOU to become a healer in your home and/or to become a Troop Certified Practitioner.

We know the world of alternative health can be overwhelming, intimidating and even super weird at times (if we're being honest:)) and our intention is to make it accessible, informative, and inspiring! You are here, a first great step. Take a deep breath and trust the process-- trust you will be guided to the right person, the right principle, the right product, and/or the right practice.

Welcome to the community. Welcome to the work of well-being.

Welcome to Troop!

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